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To support children born a little different.

Arya wrote this book with the whole-hearted intention that it provides a source of comfort and empowerment through knowledge. From her own experience of being in clinical trials for as long as she can remember, she knows how confusing, scary, and isolating this experience can be for kids. Arya wishes she had a way to understand all that was going on around her, and hopes that this book can help other kids going through similar experiences.

This book outlines how the lives of children involved in research are both similar and different from all other children; a child’s experience—and emotions—in a clinical trial; what a clinical trial is; and the four principles guiding ethical clinical research on human subjects. Not only are these objectives relevant for medically vulnerable children, but also for guiding all children's actions and decisions. 

When Arya was younger, she wondered why me? all the time. Even though she still doesn't have the answer, she now believes that maybe, just maybe, it's so she can do something to make the world a little bit better. So, this book is ultimately dedicated to all of the kids born a little different and all of the doctors fighting so hard for these kids. Arya deeply thanks her family, friends, and mentors for invaluably supporting her in her dreams and through her challenges.

The Spinal Muscular Atrophy Foundation will receive 100% of the net proceeds. 

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